Cultural Change

The ABCs of Structures 

The ABCs of Structures is a public education media campaign that uses science education frameworks and partners with industry leaders to produce innovative and accessible instructional content on the science of structures for children ages 3-7. Based on the successes of early childhood education programming and award-winning young adult literature in racial justice, this project combines the power of science education with early education racial justice literacy to build vocabularies and skill sets for children to think and talk about structures in the social world. 

Make it Make Sense

Make it Make Sense is a digital media campaign that highlights scholars of color working on issues of social justice and structural oppressions across disciplines. The project discusses books, reports, articles, performances, and invites the authors and artists of these pieces to tell us more about how their work responds to the pressing issues of our day, and how their research can help us keep track and make sense of the many forms of ongoing structural violence that target our communities. We curate the digital archive as an oral history of resistance to the growing efforts to censor education about social justice. 

Data Epistemology: Why the Data Will Not Save Us 

Data Epistemology is a multi-institutional data and racial justice initiative that documents the limits of evidence-based research while promoting critical conversations about the role of empirical research in charting paths toward structural change. It promotes public conversations on the role of evidence and the cultural mechanisms that control its flow and exchange in policy.

Facts On Demand: A Public Interest Legal Podcast 

Facts On Demand is a public interest podcast featuring legal experts discussing public interest law for a general audience. Each episode features an area of public interest law and features experts answering questions, breaking down terms, and discussing cases that make public interest law accessible to a general audience.